How to Throw the ULTIMATE BLOGGERS Lounge

This post is a submission via our member Cicely. For more information on this article or for any questions, please feel free to contact her directly or visit the original article. 

This post is a submission via our member Cicely. For more information on this article or for any questions, please feel free to contact her directly or visit the original article

Over the weekend I had the privilege to attend an amazing Bloggers Lounge  with Bella Kinks DFW Natural Hair Expo sponsored by Silk Elements and the experience was life changing. I won’t go too deep but just meeting other bloggers new and not so new gave me a new perspective on the blogging world.

You are probably wondering what a Bloggers Lounge is! I was right there with you. I had no idea, I didn’t know what to expect. I pictured people with their laptops blogging. But to my surprise, it was a party, a networking event that  was building community. It not only benefited the bloggers but the brand as well.

What is a Bloggers Lounge? A group of influencers that come together for a specific event, cause, or business to network and share about the brand.

Why have a Bloggers Lounge? Remember, these dope people are influencers. They have a following of people that trust their opinion. If you get a group of people to come to your event and their focus is to share with their social media about you, that will help spread your brand. If you haven’t read Why Businesses Should Work With Bloggers, you should!


The Bella Kinks Natural Hair Expo took place over the weekend, it was a 2 day event. There were vendors, speakers and more. A great way they nailed the marketing aspect was by inviting bloggers to come partake in great food, conversation, music and LOTS OF PICTURES. This became a photoshoot and rightfully so. All these beautifully dope women stayed slaying the night away. What happens when people take pics? They want to show the world. That is what happened! Now, the hashtag to the event is being spread by major influencers.
Now let’s talk about the brand or business that you want to promote and be sure to have your HASHTAG that everyone should be using in all of their posts for the event.

How to Throw the Ultimate Bloggers Lounge

Step 1. Have a dope product or brand that you are excited about. It can be BRAND new or old as dirt but you have to be excited about it and it has to relatable to the bloggers. You cannot get a blogger that writes about cars to show up and expect them to promote beauty products. You want to make sure that they are in the industry and that their following is the market you are targeting.

Step 2. Make it exclusive. There was an application process and bloggers were chosen. You can do it however you would like, maybe you are looking for bloggers with the most followers but something Julian from Bella Kinks said, was that sometimes bloggers with 100,000 followers do not have a lot of engagement and that sometimes bloggers with 1,000 have more engagement with followers so numbers are cool but it is all about that ROI.

Step 3. Have them promoting BEFORE the event even happens. Give them guidelines, they are pretty much now working for you! As a blogger promoting this event, I had to post twice before the event to my social media… That helps with getting people to the event.


Step 4. The Set Up, it has to be photo op ready! Make sure there are plenty of spots to take amazing photos, especially if it is the beauty and fashion industry. Make sure you have great decor and your brand and hashtag around so that people can easily tag it in their posts.

Step 5. Have great eats! People love to eat, it makes the event less stuffy and more engaging. The event was catered and they had an amazing spread.

Step 6. Have a program, not too structured but make sure you are hitting key things that make for great photo and video ops.

Step 7. Have some amazing hosts! Get people to really turn the place up. People that are outgoing and approachable!

Step 8. Give the gift of SWAG. Silk Elements, the sponsor for the event was super generous and provided each blogger with a HEAVY bag of amazing hair products. We will be using these products, and in our posts we will always give a shoutout. I personally have done a periscope and put it on my snapchat so far.

Step 9. Recap the night! Silk Elements hosted a Twitter Party to recap the night. They had us invite our followers to join in. There were questions asked and lots of sharing of pictures and videos.

Now you're ready to plan your own Bloggers Lounge! Thanks for reading and happy planning.

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