How To Write 3 Months Of Content Consistently

This post is a submission via our member Brittany. For more information on this article or for any questions, please feel free to contact her directly or visit the original article │ Photo is via Shutterstock.

This post is a submission via our member Brittany. For more information on this article or for any questions, please feel free to contact her directly or visit the original article │ Photo is via Shutterstock.

If you’re here to grab your content challenge worksheet, you can download the worksheet for free here.

So it’s been a minute since I’ve done a goal post, but the last quarter of the year is starting. Typically, I use this quarter to prepare for Q1 and Q2 of the next year.

This year, I’m doing a content challenge for Q4. The idea is to create content consistently as a means of proving a concept for a few new brands I’ve created.

Three months is the perfect amount of time to determine if you can stick to an idea, and execute the idea, or if you need to let it go.

With that in mind, let’s talk about the challenge–mastering this challenge is my ONLY goal for October and the rest of Q4. If you want to join me, I’ve created a worksheet to help you complete the challenge.

Content Challenge Rules

Write down your ideas

First, you need to write down your ideas in a notebook that you’re going to revisit daily. If that means you have to always carry around a notebook for all of Q4, so be it. Your desire to succeed should be greater than your short term discomfort.

Ideally, you should write down your ideas as they come. But, try to write and conceptualize ideas when you first wake up and right before you go to bed.

Remember, you only need 12 ideas you can execute on.

Outline your content ideas

Outlines are the key to success. It’s easier, and more efficient, to write regularly if you’re outlining your content. To do this, I brainstorm various post titles/ideas, sketch out an introduction, and include the key concepts I want to explore in the post.

At the very least you need to be writing down the key topics you want to discuss in the post. If you can flesh out a “first sentence” for each key point please go for it.

Remember, you only need 12 outlines total for the whole quarter. Once you hit 12, stop. Let’s not waste energy being extra.

If you grab my free content challenge worksheet, you’ll have a spot for the key point sentences and a spot for the introduction.

Write 2 pieces of content a week

Each week you need to try to write 2 pieces of content a week. That may mean sitting down one day and writing 2 pieces in one go. Or, you may want to write a portion of each piece daily.

The purpose of writing 2 pieces is to force you to create backup content. Let’s be honest, it’s very hard to go 3 months without a wrench not wrecking at least once week. If you have been writing 2 posts a week, you give yourself some breathing room.

For this step, just write/fill in your outlines. Don’t worry about editing, or finishing the posts. Just write them.

Finish and schedule at least 1 piece of content each week

Set aside a day each week to finish AND schedule at least 1 piece of content. This is my biggest hurdle to be honest. I can write content for days, but if I don’t just press publish I will get all in my head and convince myself the piece isn’t ready.

We aren’t doing that this challenge.

Whether you are comfortable, or not, you will finish and schedule a piece to go out weekly. Finishing a piece means editing it for grammar, improving the structure, and developing the images for the piece.

Then you need to schedule it to go out no earlier than next week.

If you’re able to finish and schedule 2 pieces you have 1 for next week, and 1 for the week after. The goal is to always stay ahead of your editorial calendar.

Don’t over think this step. Just get it done. You won’t get any results, nor grow your brand, if you don’t publish your content.

The goal of this challenge is to gauge whether an idea of yours (old or new) will get any traction with an audience. I have 2 brands I’m starting from zero, 1 I’m restarting, and then my design brand @xobritdear. So, regardless of where you are in your journey I’m with you lol.

Don’t forget to download your free content challenge worksheet. It will help you with all the steps above!

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